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Restore your hair's natural shine with sulfate-free shampoo products from Sherpa Color and Design Studio in Warrenton, Virginia. Our main goal is to revive overly treated tresses due to hair color, hard water, or harmful chemicals.

Revitalizing Solutions for Swimmers' Hair

If you are a swimmer who is actively having adventures underwater, our Malibu C Swimmers Wellness Shampoo is the right hair product for you. This shampoo cleanses and protects hair against discoloration and damage due to hard water and pool chemicals. With its sulfate-free formula, it is safe for all types of chemically treated hair. It helps restore fragile hair caused by excessive straightening and hair coloring as well.

Save Your Tresses from Hard Water

Repair damaged hair caused by malicious minerals lurking in shower water. With Hard Water Wellness Shampoo, you don't have to worry about dry, dull, and discolored locks due to waterborne elements. This shampoo will help you preserve the health and luster of your precious tresses. It is also sulfate-free, preventing any buildup of oxidizers from hard and soft water. Enjoy your shower routine with this revitalizing shampoo that gives off a juicy orange scent.

Flipping Hair

MALIBU Product

Seal In Moisture to Color-Treated Locks 

Malibu C Color Wellness Shampoo is 100% vegan. As a moisture-rich product, this shampoo gently preserves the life and vibrancy of any color treated hair. It's infused with essential oils and the aromatic smell of mango and lychee, and it is also free from harsh chemicals such as:

Sulfates | Parabens | Sodium Chloride | Gluten